Fundraising and Social

Lourdes Pilgrimage Fundraising

Our parish endeavours to send pilgrims to Lourdes with the Diocesan Pilgrimage each year. Some go as sick or handicapped and young people from the parish go as helpers. The Parish helps to pay their fare by raising money throughout the year by sponsored events - London Bike Ride -or coffee/tea after Mass on Sundays, etc.

Gift Aid 

Gift Aid is a new way of supporting our parish finances. Gift Aid replaces the old Covenant Scheme. To take part in the Gift Aid scheme the following are necessary: you must be a taxpayer; you must make a simple declaration (which can be revoked at any time) that ANY money you give to the parish can be counted as gift aid for the purpose of the parish reclaiming tax; assuming you make offerings to the Church in the normal course of events, IT COSTS YOU NOTHING; you are not committed to give any particular sum as was the case under the old covenant scheme; no disclosure of your financial affairs is required; all records are completely confidential; IT WILL BE OF CONSIDERABLE FINANCIAL BENEFIT TO THE PARISH. For every £1 donated the Parish can claim back from the Inland revenue 28p. I you want more information about GIFT AID please contact the Parish Gift Aid Secretary - Bernard Regan. Tel No. 559862.

Christmas Fair 

Our Parish runs a very successful Fair in the autumn each year to raise funds for the Parish. If you would like to help in any way please put your name on the list in the Church. This year the Christmas Fair will be held in November - Date to be advised

Hospital Visits

The hospitals in Brighton and Hove have appointed Catholic Chaplains but the priest  from St. Mary's will also try to visit. Please let them know if you have to go into hospital or if you have a relative in hospital.