Prayer and Study Groups


What is CaFE? CaFE stands for Catholic Faith Exploration. Why do we need it? Many Catholics’ have not had any formal teaching about their faith since first holy communion or confirmation and much has changed in the church over the years. What happens exactly? This will vary, once or twice a year there will be a specific theme with a series of set talks and the rest of the year there will be individual events such as Adoration, films and other get- tog ethers. Do I have to come every week? No, the idea of CaFE is that it is a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with a large emphasis on the social as well as spiritual. (Hence the play on words!) Want to know more? Contact Eve or Henry Morrison on 273923, Fiona Wookey on 554954, Jacqui Batchelor on 227084, Chris Rooke on 551577 or Luke Fernandes on 556927.

The Bible Study Group

Would you like to have a better understanding  of the Readings at Mass on Sundays? Our Group meets every Tuesday evening from 8.0 - 9.0 p.m. at The Cassidy Pastoral Centre. We read, study and discuss the scriptures. We also meditate and pray together. All welcome. For further information telephone Luke Fernandes on 01273 556927.

Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer     

This Prayer Group now meets on the First Saturday of every month at St. Mary's House, Preston Park Avenue from 2 - 4 p.m.The group is run by Ellen MacRorie. All are welcome. 

Ecumenical Housegroups

During Advent and Lent Christians from the local churches meet together to pray and to discuss topics recommended by the local dioceses.

Prayer Group 

This Prayer Group is for retired and elderly people - to deepen one's spirituality, to offer friendship and to encourage the apostolate within one's environment.Meets on Monday afternoons at St. Mary's House, Preston Park Avenue at 3.00pm. Contact Ellen MacRorie - Tel. No: 508006.

Rosary Group 

On Wednesday evenings a Rosary Group is held at 22, Millcroft, Patcham. This informal group is open to every one of all ages and the evening includes recitation of the Rosary, music, scripture reading and intercessory prayers. Start time 8.15 p.m. - ends at 9.45 p.m. Contact Chris Rooke on 551577.

Charismatic Prayer Group

Meets every Wednesday at 8.30 at 91,Graham Avenue, Patcham. Praise and Worship, Scripture study  with discussion and prayer, personal and intercessionary. Contact Eve Morrison. Tel. No: 273923.

People with Learning Disabilities 

A Prayer Group for people with learning disabilities, their family and friends takes place on the first Friday of each month at 8.00 p.m. Contact Celia Gurowich on  01273 555967 for details.